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Questions and Answers

Below are the main questions and answers, if you have more questions, please contact support.

SomBeat is an artificial intelligence system that allows the creation of professional music from any word typed.

Yes, but only if you are a subscriber, and as always, subject to the compliance with SomBeat's Terms of Service.

How does the music creation process work?

It's very simple: enter the song lyrics and choose the desired musical genres. Remember that if you choose only one style, the music will be created focused on that genre, but you can mix styles, such as Rap and Rock. You can also choose between male or female voice.

How does the credit system operate?

Each time you generate music, two samples are produced simultaneously, resulting in the deduction of 2 credits from your account. You have 2 free credits, but you can purchase more at a very affordable price, with payment via PIX.

Some songs had issues during creation and deducted my credits. What should I do?

Nothing. If your credits were deducted and the music was not generated, the system will identify it and return the credits within a few minutes. It can take up to 5 minutes for this to occur. Just wait.

How does the music registration process work?

Music registration via blockchain involves using a decentralized network to ensure the authenticity and ownership of works. First, the music is composed and digitized. Then, the data, including metadata and the music file, is recorded on a blockchain, creating an immutable record. This record provides a timestamp and proof of ownership. With blockchain transparency, it is possible to track copyrights and distribution, simplifying licensing and protecting against plagiarism.

I still have questions, what should I do?

Contact our support team or send a direct message on Instagram. We will provide detailed instructions on how our process works.